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¨ No.82  >>83, >>90, >>116
1659367342159.png–(581.84KB, 724x756, xmrc.png)
Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent gore and CP posts without
1. captcha
2. blocking VPN/Tor usage
3. User accounts
Short of using a Neural Net to filter out posts not apt to this marketplace?
¨ No.83  >>84, >>85, >>116
Yes. make it so every post you need to use your CPU to solve a proof-of-work mathematical hash, making spam expensive and actual posters will have a stake in to prove their legitimacy
¨ No.84  >>85
> make it so every post you need to use your CPU to solve a proof-of-work mathematical hash, making spam expensive and actual posters will have a stake in to prove their legitimacy
Jesus.. how even is it done.. short of creating a posting-crypto?
¨ No.85
One possible idea is to create a pass-system.
One can buy passes for a small monero donation that will let Anons post without a mod approval.
¨ No.90  >>92
block all links and images, except if an approval checkbox is checked

obviously link blocking is the hard part

you could also implement a fuzzy hashing filter to auto-decline known child pornographic images by comparison to the censored known bad images provided by one of those kid protection agencies (also would help keep glowies from shutting everything down with cp flooding)
¨ No.92  >>96, >>97
Kid protection agencies are run by glowies themselves. They exist not to protect kids but to protect those who traffick kids.
The glowies and their tumblrish golems always have a fresh stash of CP ready to be deployed on wrongthinking sites.
So the 'manual approval policy' will be kept as soul of the site. Unless there comes up a neural net FOSS app that plugs into TinyIB
¨ No.96  >>97
¨ No.97  >>100
It would not. As described here >>92 the glowies have a large stash of pizza that scores literally 0 on any statistical algos.
At piconeroj.eu, we believe in the principle "Keep It Stupid Simple".

The site does not have any aim to scale to great heights. It is only sopposed to be a mom-and-pop marketplace which inspires other anons to open mom-and-pop marketplaces.

We encourage other anons to build better marketplaces for the sake of community.

Piconeroj plans to remain a stupendously simple marketplace that is a hybrid of an imageboard and craigs list - all adverts will be curated per decency.

Human decency, is one of the few things, that cannot be trained on a NN.
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1659451954674.png–(118.75KB, 500x622, 1611334292484.png)
sorry Jannie for shitting the board with random threads. I just wanted to talk about Monero, I have nothing to buy or sell
¨ No.102
Congrats being the 100th post!
You are welcome to shit in the meta threads as long as there is no Cheese Pizza involved!
¨ No.113  >>114, >>116
Can we have multiple boards please? If this site is a marketplace the landing page should be JUST selling threads, not clutter like this. There should be a /meta/ board. Possibly separate boards for selling things and requesting to buy things too. Maybe /meta/ could be text only so it doesn't require manual approve.
¨ No.114
Good idea. A few boards /b/ , /art/ and /meta/ will be installed over this weekend
¨ No.116  >>120
Ultimately all captcha will be broken. Machine learning is getting pretty good. In small scale captcha is okay but if you scale, I think 4chan Pass like thing becomes necessary. You get a posting token for a small monero fee. :^)

Also host the site anonymously on darknet so you can risk off and not give a fuck about occasional cheese pizza you miss.

That's what Monero and money in general already is if you thing about it.

Agreed. The marketplace should not be cluttered with discussion.
¨ No.120
Specific boards are created and are being internally tested. They will be announced soon.

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