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File: 1659135475669.jpg–(108.70KB, 1200x800, RULES.jpeg)
No.17 Stickied  >>53
¨ No.29
Feature Request: Filters and Country filters
¨ No.30
Feature Request: RSS Feeds
¨ No.32  >>36
Feature request: Secure tripcodes
¨ No.33
testing secure tripcode
¨ No.34
¨ No.36  >>38
Secure tripcodes work now
¨ No.38
¨ No.49
There will be country specific 'boards' once the site hits a critical mass.
¨ No.53
Feature request: 404 Page
¨ No.72  >>73
1659270556349.jpg–(27.96KB, 640x360, 6f402e2ad7ac9c2e6346c89d4aef1767.jpg)
Hi, i have created a test thread before. Just letting you know i use firefox and whenever i open a thread from the catalog, a window pops up asking me wether i want to update the password or not. I think it means the password for file and post deletion. Maybe you guys can fix that. Good luck :)
¨ No.73
Hi, thank you for the info. I too use firefox. The popup is due to firefox settings 'remember passwords' than the site itself - I will now see how it could be remidied from the site if possible.
¨ No.95
Weird concept but i like that crossover between 4chan and a p2p market
¨ No.117
Tripcode should perhaps be mandatory or at least highly recommended for the OP post so that people do not get confused who the real OP is and secure address exchange can take place.

The software will need some customization going forward. An option for a catalog view that's more like a list of titles and less like a gallery.
¨ No.118  >>119
Feature Request: Tor onion
¨ No.119  >>121
Tor/Onion site is not planned. As that would make it inaccessible to normie users.
The aim of Piconeroj is to introduce normies to transacting in XMR not the experts.

As another anon put it, the aim here is to attract mexicans selling churros not the ones selling coca
¨ No.121  >>122
I thought the board was simple and feature-less for onion users... why not make this a lainchan fork instead looks way nicer and has more themes for normies (dark or better fonts)
¨ No.122
Lainchan looks pretty, let me look into it.

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