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Search engine optimization consultation:
1. exchange contact info for privacy sake moneroSEO@proton.me (if you require help getting a free anon protonmail acc, can advise ITT. If you require private channel upgrade, understandable. I do not provide hosting services.)
2. describe niche/business and specifications
3. I will research/find keywords- weigh their volume/heat, characterize incumbent competitors, evaluate topical strategy dominance/openings
4. I will provide insights incrementally, initially free with no expectation. you pay/negotiate for further actionable insights. I aim to formulate discrete increments each worth 5 dollars. I am also open to barter- access to VOIP numbers, reputable (residential/mobile, maybe data center) IP addresses, hosting services or even training models on graphics cards, preferrably for some marginal portion of your bill.

I am an honorable man, making good upon my negotiated deals is a core part of my identity.

This is an easy way to make your online business passive income more passive, one less chore.

File: 1659204709251.png–(29.91KB, 640x400, ZII-CHAN.png)
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I am selling absolutely nothing for the hot, hot, one-time price of whatever Monero (ticker: XMR) or Wownero (ticker: WOW) you have. To take advantage of this AMAZING one-time offer send funds to the following addresses, and your product will be delivered IMMEDIATELY.

XMR: 42DFSuJWpGkgrmpjD9sNrVbu8PJXQm7m8WUmqKU8xgBtE2QghUHQe9nSzuX62soKvDG126aKcdvQPAdp

WOW: WW3TfmghtUcX2iEdQPXV81ey1sQgpov9kWRtxjUAmppwdfwh39ApyGwdjRrtv5WUp5TzHdzdxkDZMLMu

File: 1659134636710.jpg–(274.87KB, 2800x1577, ntuvg0h2uce91.jpg)
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Pls send pics
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File: 1659131584527.jpg–(37.66KB, 474x632, bridge.jpg)
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I'm interesting in buying bridges, preferably large ones, though not any that are golden.
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1659132338080.jpg–(727.32KB, 2560x1707, 2560px-Rialto_Bridge_at_night2.jpg)
Would you be interested in a beautiful Italian historical piece? Major tourist area, tons of foot traffic, small size but packs a lot of character (and history!).
Contact me privately for pricing info.

File: 1659131126742.jpg–(630.92KB, 3391x2260, Golden-Gate-Bridge-4.jpg)
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Selling due to owner relocation. Excellent area, 10 minutes away from airport. Slightly used. Comes with own toll booths - guaranteed to make your money back in 5 years or less!
Don't waste my time if you don't know what an abutment is.

Price: 1.000.000 XMR

File: 1659130654341.png–(139.56KB, 420x420, pepe_xmr.png)
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Have a project ?
We could do a lot of things together...

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