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No.101  [Reply]  >>103
I'm asking for 1.6 XMR
Here you have a list of features

Escrow payments with XMR
Follow vendors
Dispute system
Like products
Notification system
News and mass message (only for admins and owners)
Searchbar with filters
Users can add a backup wallet to ensure that they don't lose their goods in case of the market closing
All sensible data is encrypted
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¨ No.103
Uf based

File: 1659354086566.png–(77.24KB, 301x300, 1626827946989.png)
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¨ No.98
>4chanX in Tor
You're doing it wrong.
If don't care about privacy, write your own TinyIB userscript for simple features.

File: 1659277429747.png–(1.12MB, 1427x2300, 1607717254119.png)
No.75  [Reply]  >>76, >>79, >>86, >>91
share your favs
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¨ No.79
1659353832510.png–(1.42MB, 2325x1679, 1607967365259.png)
¨ No.86
1659383167784.png–(594.65KB, 667x862, xmrchan.png)
¨ No.91
1659435203289.png–(1.85MB, 3508x2480, 1613607396611.png)

File: 1659140844972.jpg–(56.00KB, 240x320, IMG_20220729_202441.jpg)
No.19  [Reply]  >>65
Particle size is roughly 12 nanometers; too big to cause argyria (what happened to Paul Krugman and a few others) but small enough to kill just about any pathogen it comes across. Fully reduced then capped with gelatin so it actually gets absorbed.
Cuck big pharma out of profits for 0.1 XMR
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¨ No.26
can confirm as I am doing this right now.
¨ No.65  >>78
Only 160 ppm? Potion seller, I said give me your strongest potions, for I am am going to battle.
¨ No.78
Technically, i could shoot for close to 1000 ppm, but:
>it would take 16 hours to make a liter of the stuff; way too long for adventurers on the go
>there's a chance the nanoparticles would agglomorate into larger particles while i'm making it, making it less effective
>ppm just means milligrams per liter. A liter of 20 ppm has the same amount of silver as 1/2 liter of 40ppm. It doesn't magically become less effective at lower ppm; you just have to drink more
>since the literature suggests you get your blood concentration to 2-6 ppm to kill pathogens, your average person with 5 liters of blood only needs to ingest 10 milligrams minimum
>250 ml of 160 ppm (40 milligrams) should be enough for your party of 4 to clear the dungeon

As a side note i'm testing out secure tripcodes and meme arrows

File: 1659264948409.jpg–(54.38KB, 1000x664, IMAGE 2022-07-31 12:53:57.jpg)
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¨ No.71
Nice frames. Bump

No.69  [Reply]
Simple. Reply with intent and monero wallet. I respond with lightning invoice and btc/xmr ratio. You pay invoice, and I pay your wallet.

Disputes will be determined by the court of public opinion. I am trying to make money b

File: 1659264198713.jpg–(56.00KB, 508x527, ACB1F9A2-CCFF-44B4-8F4F-D2E27B34090F.jpeg)
No.67  [Reply]
Art frames and mirrors

Je propose des prix très compétitifs pour tout cela puisque nous changeons d'activités... , et j'ai pensé que vous pourriez être intéressé par un catalogue de photographies.
Joint à ce mail le catalogue en question de nom "artframes".

File: 1659217773433.jpg–(36.40KB, 720x466, FX1n8ALXwAAtaky.jpeg)
No.62  [Reply]
admin of quite a few discords

we boost coins by voting for them on sites like 100xcoinhunt, bubble, certik, coingods, coinlisting, coinmooner, cointoplist, coinxhigh, cryptodotcom, cryptoplanet, dext, digitalcoin, freshcoins, nextcoin, poocoin, rugfreecoin

we also boost visits to crypto pages like certik, cryptodotcom, digitalcoin, doraHacks, moonscan

we would like you to name a list of sites to target with a price in XMR per accepted boost within a specified period. To be clear, we would receive payment up to some maximum for our efforts per upvote or equivalent.

votes/visits are typically 500 for $0.50. Do not expect a price significantly different unless you intend to purchase in bulk and can either pay part up front or in reasonably small parts.

open to escrow proposals

File: 1659206923025.png–(4.16KB, 48x48, Pepe1.png)
No.43  [Reply]  >>56
Where did my thread go?
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¨ No.58  >>60
For some reason it is getting hidden from the catalog.
Can you please repost it once again?
¨ No.60
¨ No.61
Thank you!

File: 1659145423081.jpg–(1.02MB, 3827x2604, White painted Villa03.jpg)
No.21  [Reply]
Now for sale, is a beautiful two story, white painted villa, located between the beautiful states of virginia and Maryland, near the Potomac River, in a city called Washington D.C., built in a neoclassical and palladian style, this villa is a unique building in its area, clearly sticking out as one of the most exclusive real estates in the region.

What you see in the picture is the northern facade with a columned portico of excellent style, providing an amazing view on a well layed out garden.
The southern facade features a semi circular portico, facing the southern half of a beatiful garden in an amazing condition. Both the northern and southern lawn have their own spring that both are in a very good condition.

This villas construction started in 1792 and got finished 1800.
It was planned and designed by the well known architect James Hoban, who is known for his excellent portfolio of well known buildings along the entire east coast of the United states.

Constant restaurations and nicely added features, made it the great refuge for everyone wanting to live in a historical yet modern villa it is today.

On the upper floor, you have the private living area, whereas on the bottom floor you have plenty of office rooms for staff and a centrally layed out oval office room to reside and care for your businesses. Two desks and four unique carpets are included in the price.

Floor Area: 55,000sq ft
Selling price is 0.01776 XMR

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