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File: 1659135475669.jpg–(108.70KB, 1200x800, RULES.jpeg)
No.17 Stickied  [Reply]  >>53
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¨ No.119  >>121
Tor/Onion site is not planned. As that would make it inaccessible to normie users.
The aim of Piconeroj is to introduce normies to transacting in XMR not the experts.

As another anon put it, the aim here is to attract mexicans selling churros not the ones selling coca
¨ No.121  >>122
I thought the board was simple and feature-less for onion users... why not make this a lainchan fork instead looks way nicer and has more themes for normies (dark or better fonts)
¨ No.122
Lainchan looks pretty, let me look into it.

File: 1664691760829.png–(234.06KB, 680x628, 1663521637625.png)
No.133  [Reply]
[Prospective advert to gauge interest]

Automated captcha solving API/script with free trials for potential customers. This is automated, not manual outsourced solving.

Probably starting with GeeTest, all varieties, or keycaptcha.Have tried some darknet captchas too if anyone wants those (shout out to CI analysts @ RepKnight)

How much lower would prices need to be (versus 2captcha) for you (web scraper, SEO guru, etc) to take your time testing out a script during free trial lasting maybe few weeks? What service are you interested in? What volume could you bring?

File: 1659134787119.png–(6.04KB, 300x300, Grass_Block_JE7_BE6.png)
No.15  [Reply]
Will take several depending on the price. Will pay more for a funny/original name. Can be banned on hypixel but I will pay less for those. They need to be unmigrated+ full acces to mail.
¨ No.123
I've got a few java accounts lying around. Are you still buying?

File: 1659364322073.jpg–(49.89KB, 1002x843, 1622847341644.jpg)
No.81  [Reply]  >>82
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¨ No.114
Good idea. A few boards /b/ , /art/ and /meta/ will be installed over this weekend
¨ No.116  >>120
Ultimately all captcha will be broken. Machine learning is getting pretty good. In small scale captcha is okay but if you scale, I think 4chan Pass like thing becomes necessary. You get a posting token for a small monero fee. :^)

Also host the site anonymously on darknet so you can risk off and not give a fuck about occasional cheese pizza you miss.

That's what Monero and money in general already is if you thing about it.

Agreed. The marketplace should not be cluttered with discussion.
¨ No.120
Specific boards are created and are being internally tested. They will be announced soon.

File: 1659752000118.png–(13.42KB, 640x461, advert2.png)
No.115  [Reply]
Let me know what you want me to draw and if it's all okay I'll send over payment details. Price for a character is 0.1 XMR, once you've paid I'll try to get it to you the same day.

This is my first time selling art so let me know how I'm doing!

File: 1659216802098.png–(1.16MB, 1514x2000, Marnie-Monero-2.png)
No.59  [Reply]  >>94
>post a pic
>give me the details
>I might pick your request
>I finish it
>you tip whatever amount you think I deserve to this address: 86wLt4PRv1TJwj7JtJ88ds6Yy7ikAVmG63VDsS8tcMHFKhQ9UxwBsmo75Jf1AqLKzXRYejv3K3u3yV2R

>we are frens
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¨ No.108  >>109, >>112
1659549899537.jpg–(1.80MB, 1313x1962, monerochan1r.jpg)

¨ No.109
based EditAnon
¨ No.112
Thats cute af!

File: 1659428239141.jpg–(108.97KB, 1200x1057, EcjVit1VAAA9vQq.jpg)
No.88  [Reply]
Bounty: 4.00 Monero

Do you know how to insert images into a video, make them float around, shrink and enlarge, motion track them to objects, etc? Specifically, the kind of editing that is shown here:


(Doesn't matter what software you use, just as long as it gets the job done right)

If you are proficient at this kind of editing, and can take on a large batch of videos (about 80 regular-length anime episodes), then contact me! Reach out to me either by email or through telegram, and I'll give you the rundown on what the job entails and you can decide if you want to go for it and earn some monero. I will provide all source files needed. I WILL UPDATE THE THREAD WHEN SOMEONE IS HIRED.

My email: anime-edits.5qa2u@simplelogin.com
My telegram: @oldwayman
¨ No.111
Editor has been acquired! Thank you to all who reached out!

File: 1659565012149.jpg–(130.35KB, 1600x900, FVSeL-vX0AAaOXg.jpg)
No.110  [Reply]

File: 1659528769094.png–(1.01MB, 815x472, ScreenShot_20220803071209.png)
No.107  [Reply]
I sell gourmet coffee in grain or ground, you will love it, it is the best coffee in the world, organic and courmet. Sellingminimum 500USDdoes not include shipping.

File: 1659397355079.jpg–(294.96KB, 660x882, 1655558631819.jpg)
No.87  [Reply]  >>93
I am a US (burgerland) based programmer/software engineer for hire with pay in Monero XMR.
Hire me and I can build you anything from a desktop applications to building/managing Dev-Ops infrastructure for you.
I have specialized and perfected my own web programming stack and will get the job done.
We can talk more on Matrix/Molly/Session if need be and I can show you my past work and experience.
¨ No.93
Based bump
¨ No.99
I'll give you a bump, anon...
¨ No.105
i would check Monero bounties website. https://bounties.monero.social/

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